Saturday, February 19, 2011

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat...

Newt took 3rd today in the district championships and qualified to move on to the state regional competition this week. He has had a great freshman year with a 26-4 record, most of those either pins or tech falls. He won his final match today 7-2.

Prior to that win, he had a very difficult loss (3-2) in the semifinal match. As a mother who knows just how much work her child does and how many sacrifices he makes for his chosen sport, it is so hard to see him lose an important match. The reality is that there are lots of other boys working hard and sacrificing as well.

It would be easy to blame a loss on a bad call by the ref, or an injury or illness but sometimes it is just two equally talented kids out there on the mat and one has to lose. Maybe one makes an error in judgement and the other takes advantage or the roll of the coin gives one a slight advantage...doesn't really matter the reason. The nature of wrestling or any sport is that one person wins and the other loses. It must be easier in a team sport...there is always somewhere else to place the blame.

As a mom, sitting in the stands, you want your child to do his best and you hope it ends with a win. You know how much it means to him and you want him to be happy so your stomach is in knots watching. I hate that moment as the clock ticks toward the end when you realize there is no way he can pull it off. How different that moment is when yours is the one with the higher score!You almost wish to turn back time for him...give him another chance but you can't so you give him a few minutes to himself then give him a hug and assure him that it is just one match and time will go on.

I often think it is better mentally to leave a match with 3rd than with 2nd. Either place is determined by one loss and is only a matter of whether the loss was in the semifinals or finals. At least with 3rd you go home on a winning note! : )

The slate is wiped clean this coming week and the wrestling goes on. As I said in the beginning, he has had a great season. The rest is icing on the cake!

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