Monday, February 07, 2011


First Newt and now Haley with pneumonia. Spring cannot come quickly enough for us. We're having a rough winter illness-wise.

Haley seemed to bounce back quickly last weekend but that cough never stopped. Friday she was healthy but she came out of orchestra rehearsal saying she wasn't feeling well and lo and behold! a fever 102.6 when we got home. Saturday morning she seemed to be healthy once again...maybe the room was just too warm on Friday night?

She went to orchestra rehearsal in the afternoon but we decided to not take a walk to Fergies for a session though both of us would have liked it. Saturday night, she's complaining of a headache and again, 101.9 fever.

Sunday she woke up healthy again, excited for the drive to NY. She couldn't wait for Brian to check out her new fiddles and give his opinion. We drove up with her doing a days worth of schoolwork and a bit of violin practice in the car. About halfway through the lesson, Brian leaves the room to make himself some coffee and Haley says she isn't feeling good. She fell asleep during the ride home and had a 102.6 fever by the time we got home and a pain in her chest when she coughs.

So, off to the doctor today. A quick check then off for an x-ray. Diagnosis...pneumonia.

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