Thursday, September 30, 2010

A "Real" Day in Our Lives...

A week or two ago I published a "day in our lives" post about our non-typical day where we actually enjoyed an entire day at home. So, I decided to balance that with a more typical day.

My day begins at 6am when my husband kisses me goodbye then heads off to work, I lay in bed relaxing until I hear Newt get up and go into the bathroom for a shower around 6:30am. I then head downstairs to pack the boys lunch and get their breakfast...squishy eggs (hardboiled eggs squished up with butter, salt, and pepper). I hear Dylan talking to Newt upstairs and tiptoe up to ask them to not wake their sister.
She wakes up anyway and heads down the stairs at 6:45am. Ugh! We have a very long day and I was hoping she'd sleep in until 7:30 or so. Newt gets the bus for school at 7am. I make Haley some breakfast, myself some tea, and read my email. Dylan showers then heads to the bus at 7:45am.

With both boys off to school, Haley and I shower, dress, then I straighten the kitchen while she does her violin review practice. She is concerned about her Wohlfahrt and Shifting exercises for her lesson later so she also reviews those. We then sit to go through a Saxon math lesson. It's an easy lesson for her on completing series of numbers. She completes the problem set on her own while I let the dog out and pack up her violin for her lesson. I also grab the boys' music lesson equipment that they left on the table for later and put that in the car along with the rest of Haley's schoolwork.

At 10am we get in the car and drive the 50 minutes to Haley's violin lesson. During the ride she listens to her Suzuki CDs and The Hot Canary by Brian Lewis. She has her lesson from 11am until 12:15pm. It's a great lesson...she does a fabulous job with everything including those items she was concerned about and gets the go-ahead to put 2 more pieces into her polished/review pile.

After violin, we head to Poppop's to wait for the boys. We do Haley's writing lesson (WWE), get all the printouts ready for her Hands On History Composers project for the week, and read a couple History of US chapters about the pilgrims. Newt arrives at Poppop's house at 2:15pm, eats his protein, then does his lifting workout with Poppop in the basement. I get a few moments to read my book. Dylan calls to tell us he's home...though he was supposed to walk to Poppop's...he forgot and took the bus home.

We leave Poppop's at 3:30pm, run home to get Dylan then head to the boy's music lessons which are only 20 minutes away (thank goodness!). Haley and I go into an unused room so she can practice her fiddle lesson then we go downstairs to the store to ask about options for a new mic for her fiddle. When the boys' lessons are over, we head home. We have leftovers for dinner so Haley, Dylan, and I eat. Newt heads over to his friend's house to ride his bike until dark.

At 6pm, Haley and I head back into the car for the 45 minute ride to her first fiddle teacher's home to watch one of her favorite fiddlers perform a private house concert. The Kevin Burke concert is wonderful and very different. Haley's teacher had asked everyone attending to chose a set of tunes off one of Kevin's CDs and he'd play the requests. The choices were great and Haley was excited that she could play nearly all of them. Haley had chosen a set off Kevin's Up Close CD that she has been trying to learn from the CD. There's one small spot she has difficulty playing fast enough so she wanted to see how he does it, except that it was an older CD and he didn't remember the tunes. Haley was the only one who stumped him. LOL Kevin said, laughing, "That's why I hate you!"

He said he should have requested Paris Nights and had Haley join him like he had at Swannanoa and he'd practice her requested tune set so they could play it together next time he's in town.

We didn't get home until 11pm. Haley slept all the way home so I just carried her to bed. I noticed a pile of CDs on the kitchen table. Jim Albertson, a radio announcer and one of the kids' biggest fans (whose also gotten them quite a few gigs), had brought Haley a huge pile of CDs including Eileen Ivers, Natalie MacMaster, Leahy, Alisdair Frasier, Kevin Crawford (without Lunasa), April Verch, and Mark O' others. There's about 20 CDs in all. I peek through the pile then take out the pup and head to bed. 

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