Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our last full day at home until close to Christmas??

This may be my last full weekend day at home until close to Christmas. Haley auditioned for and was accepted into two different orchestras. One meets for 2 hours every Friday night and the other, for an hour every Saturday afternoon...right in the middle of the afternoon. Both begin rehearsals next weekend. Add to that every other Sunday trips for fiddle lessons in NY and church on the alternate Sundays. That does not include our regularly scheduled activities...workouts at Poppops for the boys 3 days a week, wrestling practice 2 nights a week for Newt, violin lessons twice a week for Haley, and once a week music lessons for Dylan and Newt. I am nearly exhausted thinking about it but...if I don't think too much and just go with the flow, I'll get lots of reading time in waiting for practices and some alone time with my kids in the car.

Anyway, I was determined to enjoy today, not go anywhere, and get everything done that could get done. My list included finishing up the housecleaning, practicing with Haley, baking sticky buns, and bathing the dog.

The last item did not take much time because our dog is very small (about 5lb) and nearly fur-less so not so difficult to bathe. I got a head start on the housecleaning yesterday so knocked that out including windows (Ha!) in a couple hours. Haley did a great job focusing during practice and we spent quite a bit of time sightreading duets (me on piano and her on violin) which we both enjoyed, particularly if they go well then it seems like a great accomplishment.

I got the sticky buns started with a lot of help from Dylan and Haley then a package came with new books from Amazon. One I can't wait to read "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest." I just finished the other two in that series and loved them. I liked the first so much I watched "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo" movie with's in Swedish?? I think. The other book was recommended on a homeschool board I frequent and is called, "Out of My Mind" by Sharon Draper. I intend to read that one with Haley and if we like it, pass it on to Dylan. It is about a girl with cerebral palsy who has a photographic memory and is very intelligent but unable to communicate with anyone. Working with developmentally delayed children, that has always been something I've thought about so the book peaked my interest.

So I was dying to sit and begin reading by myself but Dylan had a friend over and Haley was wishing she did so she and I did some history reading together then finished up our buns. We made some dinner and afterward we listened to Manus McGuire's CD Fiddlewings mainly for the Scottish slow air Haley is performing in a competition at a festival tomorrow. She learned it from the CD a month or so ago. We ended up listening to other tunes and dancing around the kitchen together for awhile then headed out for our nightly trampoline bounce.

All in all a good last day at home! I am rejuvenated and ready for the Bethlehem Celtic Classic tomorrow!

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