Monday, September 06, 2010

Fleadh Cheoil 2010

We spent a week in Ireland so Haley could compete in the All Ireland competition in Cavan, Co.Cavan, Ireland. Many thanks to friends and acquaintances who assisted in fundraising making our trip possible. The generosity of those in the Irish community and our local community was amazing and wonderful! We were able to spend two days in Dublin touring all the attractions and Haley played in sessions both evenings, one very touristy and the other a real Irish session.Since Haley plays Sligo style fiddle she wanted to be able to say she had actually been there. While in Sligo we saw the Atlantic Ocean from the other side of the world and visited a beautiful fishing town called Mullaghmore. We appreciated the scenic views much more than the city.
Cavan was very crowded. There was music and festivities everywhere. We saw Beoga in concert...wonderful! Haley played in sessions in a couple pubs, once with the girls from the young band Nic Gavinsky. She busked for a few minutes one afternoon, played on the Gig Rig with her friends Patricia, Jayne, and Bram, and enjoyed some time playing with the grandchildren of the couple we were staying with.
Haley played amazingly during the competition. The crowd went wild when she finished. She knew she played well so was very happy. She didn't place. Who knows why. Maybe another year when she's a little older and bigger...has a bigger fiddle. She certainly made a name for herself this year both in the competition and while playing around town.

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