Monday, September 27, 2010

Bethlehem Celtic Classic

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day. The weather was overcast and threatened rain but it was cool and the fall foliage made the drive to Bethlehem, PA very pleasant. The Bethlehem Celtic Classic was a huge festival celebrating Celtic heritage and was very well attended. There were venders galore, bands playing, piping band competitions, Scottish highland games, a haggis eating contest, and our reason for attending, a fiddle competition.

Haley competed in the under 12 novice fiddle competition and Dylan accompanied her. Their friend, Alex, also competed. There was a man accompanying most of the other kids, 8 in total. Haley and Dylan did a great job. Dylan is an amazing backer and Haley is such a natural in front of a crowd. She fiddled her heart out and flirted with the crowd. The crowd loved her and a few people gave her a standing ovation when she finished which I thought a bit strange at a competition. Haley took 1st and her friend, Alex, took 3rd. He played very well, too.

We had planned to stay and listen to some other bands for the day but Haley had been fighting a bad cold all week and had a headache after her medication wore off during the competition so we headed home right after lunch. We did get to see the kids' cousin, Jessica, who lives in the area. She came for the competition and joined us for lunch.
I'll post some video as soon as Grammy and Poppop give me the DVD.

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