Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Catching Up...

Haley and I spent most of the month of April on a mini-tour of sorts. We had our first train travel experience with a trip to Charleston, SC where we stayed with our friend, Jim, who had worked to book Haley a few gigs. She enjoyed playing for a lovely crowd at Awendaw Green, a beautiful rustic outdoor "listening room," entertaining the members of the local Rotary club, and performing a fabulous house concert at Folly Beach.

In between performances, we took in as much of the city as possible including the market, a Magnolia Plantation, the Battery, the old neighborhoods and beautiful homes, the beach, and Angel Oak. We also had a nice morning kayak trip (our first) where Haley and I learned how to work together and go fast.

It was a whirlwind visit!

From Charleston, we rented a car and drove to Orlando. We spent a couple days with friends, more like family, who have watched Haley grow up year by year at Swannanoa Gathering. They have a lovely home and we enjoyed their beautiful day lily gardens and art throughout their home, an Irish session with more friends, a trip to the farmer's market where Haley picked up two fabulous dresses for $1 each, and hours and hours sitting around talking and getting to know each other better. It was a fun, relaxing few days.

That weekend we drove out to Ormond Beach for the Ormond Beach Celtic Festival. Our friend, Don, backed Haley for her sets and Haley joined Don and his partner Megan for their sets so they played most of the two festival days.

Daddy flew down the first night of the festival so he could be around to see the second day's performances and then we drove into Orlando to spend a fun four days at Universal Studios, the real reason for all our travel...Haley had said she'd like to see Harry Potter World so we looked for a festival nearby and luckily the festival organizers were keen to have her down to perform. Haley and I rode every roller coaster and fast ride 4-5 times and all the other rides as well. No crowds and beautiful weather! So much fun!

We spent the month of May enjoying life at home with a local gig here and there.

We also spent the last couple weeks preparing for our next adventure which begins tomorrow....THAILAND!! (I cannot believe we are going to Thailand!)  This trip is an unexpected byproduct of the CD Haley produced, Music for Mercy, with the proceeds going to support the Mercy Centre, an orphanage in Bangkok. Mick, one of the musicians who introduced Haley to the Mercy Centre, suggested Haley should visit the orphanage and meet the children. He worked some magic with Father Joe at the Mercy Centre and plans were made...so here we go!
(I will try to not take months to tell that story.)

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