Sunday, June 19, 2016

Catching Up…

Before life gets really hectic for the next five weeks, I thought I would catch up on the things that have been going on around here.

I don't often get a photo of my oldest son but since he was headed to his girlfriend's prom, I was afforded that opportunity. So here he is looking handsome with his beautiful girlfriend and prom-date, Madysen.

 Dylan has been festival-hopping and recording a CD with his band Poor Man's Gambit and in his spare time, gigging with Haley or Haley and Keegan. They did a house concert to help fundraise for our trip to Ireland in a couple months. It was a "double-header" house concert with the Kane Sisters playing a set, followed by a delicious gourmet dinner, then Haley, Dylan, and Keegan for a set, ending with a session.

Haley did her first ever Scottish ceili…

During a local film festival, she played at a screening of a short documentary film she was interviewed for by a friend's son who is a very talented young film maker headed off to college in the fall…

This past weekend, she and I headed up to New York. Friday we shopped 'til we dropped. Haley always likes to save up her money for a few months then do a NYC shopping trip for her "birthday." We also had an appointment to meet with someone at NYU to learn about the Mick Moloney Irish Collection housed there. Unfortunately the floor housing the collection is currently under construction but Haley received some tips for researching online and we will go back to view some items later this summer.

Haley searching for the best place to eat lunch.
Saturday she had a fiddle lesson then a house party/session at her fiddle teacher's home. She said it was most fun she's had in awhile. She played until late into the evening. She and her accordion buddy, John Whelan, were the last ones playing….

Sunday we drove back south to Philly to see Riverdance. Haley knew a number of the dancers and the fiddler and had a lot of fun watching them do their thing. We met them at the stage door after the show.

Haley with Pat and Natia Mangan and the other Russion dancers.
After the show, we walked back to Old City for dinner and a session at The Plough and the Stars. Pat and Natia joined us for some tunes for awhile, the entire McGillian family was in attendance, and my friend Maria and her sons stopped by to listen and talk so it was great fun!!

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