Sunday, May 03, 2015

Nice Review!

Almost exactly four years ago, a man in Chicago named Bill Margeson wrote a blog ( that included a bit about Haley. I stumbled upon that post a year or so later by accident while searching for a different article.

When the kids released their CD, I thought Mr. Margeson might like to have a listen so I contacted him for an address and sent one off. He and his partner, Imelda, began playing tunes from the album on their Sunday afternoon radio program broadcast worldwide on at 1pm EST. Haley, Dylan, and I have listened in for the past two weeks.

Today he posted a nice review of the album on his blog Margeson on the Music. Here it is…

Haley spent the weekend with sort of a split personality.

Friday night, she and Dylan were fiddling tunes at a multicultural festival in the town next to us then yesterday, her fiddle became a violin as she performed the first movement of the Mozart Concerto in D Major and a couple short duets with her classical violin teacher.

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