Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Calm...

Our summer was busy….lots of travel, camps, friends, visits, and music. Due to all the travel, I worked long hours every day I was not traveling and unpacked/re-packed when home. Right before we left for Ireland, I had one full day at home…my first since the middle of June.

The past three days, however, we spent all our time at home. I cleaned, organized, weeded in the garden, went school shopping for Dylan, prepared for Haley's upcoming school year, and yesterday we jumped back into school. Haley and I started a new exercise program (while we were gone, Dylan found a great weight machine for really cheap). She spent a lot of time practicing by herself and with her brother for their many upcoming gigs and had a Skype fiddle lesson with Brian to get the "new year" going. (Today she has a special violin lesson with her teacher's daughter.) The weather was perfect so we opened the windows and enjoyed the "almost" fall weather.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year! This year is a little different for us and we are getting used to the changes.

Newt went off to college while we were in Ireland. He was working, going to wrestling practice, and hanging out with friends a lot before he went. Things are quiet without him here and I miss him but at the same time I am excited for him in this new chapter of his life. Either Ritch or I talk or text him every day. He sounds like he is having a good time, working hard at his classes, and happy to be there. Can't wait to visit him!

Dylan started working this summer. He wanted a job at the local grocery store so he filled out a resume then called and called the manager until he was hired. He went to Swannanoa with us and took his first solo flight to Florida to spend a week with a friend but otherwise has been working all summer. He starts 11th grade in a week and will have his driver's license in two months.

I post Haley's "proposed" school program each year so here it goes…

Haley began Geometry in February and will continue. Not quite sure whether she will do Algebra 2 after or Counting and Probability. I'll figure that out when we get there.

Language Arts
Windows to the World
One Year Adventure Novel
Lightning Literature 8 (I have this so figured we might as well use it.)

Almost finished First Form Latin then will begin Second Form Latin.
Rosetta Stone French along with French in Action (learner.org)
Maybe a little Sign Language??

Haley asked to do American History this year. I have a middle school level syllabus to go with History of US (Joy Hakim) that includes ideas for research reports and projects. Also, Thinking Through the Past by John Hollitz and a large number of supplemental readings/projects (I have an entire bin of books on different periods of American History). The problem with having so many books is we've never made it past the Civil War due to many bunny trails. I hope to keep it a bit more concise this year and get through the whole series.

We are going to continue with Biology…there are so many topics to cover. Last year we spent a lot of time doing things on a "micro" level studying cells and chemistry of life (cellular respiration, etc…), and studying genetics and evolution theories. This year we will hit different topics.

She will continue studying music theory and taking lessons.

Leaving this subject to Daddy since he's the artist in the family.

I think that should get us going for the year. I am trying to use less "teacher intensive" material with her so she can be more independent especially when she is home with her daddy on the days I work and provide her with the many projects she likes to do.

Looking forward to a fun fall!

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