Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fun Gigs!

It might be difficult to imagine a 2.5 hour drive and chilly rainy weather would be part of a really fun day! 

Haley and Dylan were asked to be part of a "Next Generation" showcase at the Penn-Mar Irish Festival in Shrewsbury, PA. The drive was really long but we shared a ride with Keegan and his mom, Lynette. The weather was chilly and drizzly but there was a huge tent over the stage area so we only got wet now and then. Haley, Dylan, Alex, Keegan, along with Mikey McComisky and Austin Smith, took turns playing tunes in duos then played a few sets all together. They sounded great even though we got there a little late and they didn't have time to rehearse together! The future of Irish trad is in good hands!

Haley's best buddy, John Whelan, was performing later in the day so we all took a walk in the rain with him to get some hot drinks then went back to the stage area to hear another band, Irish Blessing, which includes the Srour Family and Genna Gillespie. Genna and the Srour boys are amazing musicians/dancers and wonderful people. I am so lucky to have these people involved in my kids' lives. It was great fun to listen to their music and watch their dancing! Alex, Keegan, Dylan, and Haley had fun talking, eating, watching the bands, and dealing with the rogue mascot.

John asked Dylan to accompany Genna, Jonathon, and him in their set. Dylan has played session style with John before but this was his first time on stage with him. He did a great job! Gotta love his shoes!

Haley joined them for some tunes at the end of their set…

Our good friend, Ed Quigley's granddaughter, Brynna, who Haley has danced with at local ceilis did some dancing during their sets….she's awesome! Look at the height she gets on that leap!

Here's a video of their final set of reels during the show. 

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