Thursday, May 08, 2014


An Irish musician we know, along with some of his friends, started a website called Concertwindow where people play music into their computer and other people can watch on their computer in the comfort of their own home. It works like Skype except people pay a nominal fee (at least $1) to "attend" the concert. During the concert they can type messages to the performers (suggest tunes or give a thumbs up) and "tip" the performers.

Haley and Dylan have been wanting to try out the site for awhile now but we put it off until we had a purpose for doing it. Haley is going to Sligo, Ireland in August to compete in the All Ireland competition. She and Dylan are going to perform a Concertwindow concert on Tuesday, June 3 @8pm (EDT). Anyone can join and watch…so if you'd like to watch some talented young Irish musicians and help Haley go to Ireland to try to win back the under 12 All Ireland cup, then join them for the concert!!!

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