Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

We actually didn't ramble too much this weekend! We had some nice time at home to get the house cleaning done and relax. In between our time at home, on Saturday Haley and Dylan played a nice, small, cozy gig at an area nursing home for a St. Patrick's Day party in the memory care unit. About ten people, residents and their families, were in attendance. (I didn't take any pictures to protect the privacy of the residents.)

One resident from the assisted living area of the nursing home came to listen because she loves Irish music. She told the kids about all the Irish bands she'd been to see then told them they were just as good as the best she'd seen. So cute! She talked to them between sets and was very excited.

While they were playing an upbeat tune set, an elderly man in a wheel chair started moving around like he was trying to get up. Initially I thought he was trying to leave because one woman had left when they started playing saying she didn't have any interest in Irish music. LOL The elderly woman sitting next to the man turned and tried to help him. I though they were both going to fall but a nurse rushed over and asked him what he needed. Turns out he wanted to dance so she talked him into dancing in his chair and she and the elderly woman held his hands while he moved his feet to the rhythm. It was wonderful to see them touching someone's life and making them a little happier. Haley looked right at him and played for him while he danced.

...And because we get antsy staying home too long, we decided to go to the session at Plough and the Stars…actually it was Dylan's idea! This has never happened before. Dylan will go along with us to a session sometimes grudgingly and sometimes happily but has never been the one to suggest a session unless he's at Swannanoa where he sessions until the wee hours but Dylan got his drivers permit on Saturday and wanted to drive. The boy is so excited to drive anywhere, he will spend 4 hours playing music just to have a chance to drive! Ha!

Some might think it dangerous to allow a brand new driver to drive on the highway and in the city but he is confident and makes very good decisions while driving. The day before he drove us halfway to the nursing home and all the way home in traffic. He has been driving our vehicles around our driveways and on our property for a couple years. If he is going to be my chauffeur for the next six months, he needs to be fearless about highway and city driving!

We had a nice surprise at the Plough when Haley's buddy Keegan showed up with his pipes! His mom took this picture and posted it so I took it off Facebook. Dylan was sitting across the table from them and didn't make it into the pic. Haley and Keegan made plans to meet at another session tonight! These two share an amazing passion for Irish music!…and rarely smile in pictures while playing now that they are older.

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