Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swannanoa 2012

If there's a place my two younger kids love to be, Swannanoa is it.

She and Dylan love everything about it from the music to the people to the entire atmosphere. Warren Wilson College is in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina just east of Asheville. Image that scenery with Irish music being played in little nooks and crannies all over the campus by people practicing for a class or small groups of people jamming together. We have been going to Swannanoa for the past four years so have a number of friends we love to see each year and we make new friends, too. They meet so many people with a similar passion for Irish music so, whether they are younger or older, they have an immediate connection.

Haley and Dylan had great classes with talented Irish musicians. Haley had fiddle with Liz Carroll for the beginning of the week but a family emergency called her away and Liz Kane took her place. She also took a tin whistle class with Kathleen Conneely. Dylan took guitar and bouzouki classes with John Doyle, Eamon O'Leary, and Donal Clancy. Our evenings consisted of amazing marathon concerts and ceili dances then late night/early morning jam sessions. Haley and Dylan They got to jam with many of the instructors for the week and some other talented musicians in those late night sessions. They also had a blast playing music with some "neighbors" from PA, Rose and Nate, most nights of the week and the four of them put together a set for the Student Showcase which was a lot of fun.

Some highlights and pics...

Haley and Dylan playing in a session with Liz Carroll and Kathleen Conneely.

Haley with Liz.

Dylan accompanying a new friend, Mackenzie from CO.

Haley and Dylan playing "Morning Nightcap" with Kevin Crawford.
 I think I blinded everyone with my flash.

Haley with Eli! "Talk the the hand!"

Dylan accompanying John Doyle's fiddling.

Kids in big session.

Haley with the ceili band.

Eyeball fun!

Dylan with John Doyle.
Tin whistle class performance.

Next up is a quick trip to the Dublin Ohio Celtic Festival for Haley as she joins The John Whelan Band. It will be a whirlwind of fun! We fly home just in time for our Ireland fundraiser next Sunday. Then it's off to Ireland and the Fleadh!
Wish Haley luck!

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