Friday, December 02, 2011


I am hoping this is not an indication of how this year's wrestling season is going to go. Yesterday was the 4th practice of the season and already my son comes home with this lovely shiner and a chipped canine tooth from a knee in the face.

Did my son stop practice and ask for ice to limit the swelling? No, not my son...he kept right on practicing then lifted weights after practice. I had to force him to ice his face when I got home from work...Lovely!

I can't wait to see the colors it turns this week.

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Jenny said...

My husband wrestled throughout school and ended up getting a wrestling scholarship to Stanford (pitifully small, I might add). Anyhow, the black eye picture made me think about my husband because by the time I met him his nose had been broken so many times that it was no longer his original nose. Now that I can see his original nose on my children, I can really tell the difference! At least he kept his ears safe.

You and my MIL are made of some tough stuff! Nobody wants to see their kid with a black eye, but the wrestlers I know, really don’t care, they are so passionate about the sport.