Thursday, February 03, 2011


I cannot remember a time before this week where the entire family has been sick with the same illness at the same time. This past week, it happened. All five of us down and out. We fell like dominoes...Daddy, Haley, Newt, Dylan, and Me. Headaches, fevers, fatigue, no appetites, coughing, aching...the flu? maybe? or a virus?

Haley and Dylan slept for two days and bounced back quickly and it took me three though we all have residual coughing.

 Daddy ended up with severe bronchitis.

Newt, of course, the one who always gets everything much worse than anyone else in the family just got diagnosed with pneumonia today. He got sick Friday night but didn't want to miss TriCounty Championships so went and wrestled anyway medicated to keep his fever down. He won his first 2 matches then lost 1-0 to a boy he'd beaten earlier in the season due to a bad ref call...should have been a stalemate but ref called stalling and gave the kid a point. (So even as bad as he was feeling he didn't get scored on but he had no energy to score either.) We had a nice laugh at the boy's interview with the paper saying he hadn't wrestled his best the first time he wrestled Newt....wonder if he knew he couldn't even score on a kid with the flu. LOL

Newt was feeling better on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday he began feeling bad again but went to school then wrestled while feeling horrible last night...he did win anyway but it was not pretty. So, now he is out for who knows how long. Always during wrestling season and always close to championships. Hope he can get healthy and get his strength back quickly.

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