Monday, December 13, 2010

Next Generation of Irish Musicians

Haley has been playing once a month with the Next Generation of Irish Musicians group since she was 5yo. Dylan began going a couple years ago. They meet once a month and learn a new tune for an hour, take a quick snack break, then play "session style" for the last hour. Kathy, Dennis, and Chris run the group free of charge. The only requirement is to bring a snack to share with the group. There is a nice variety of instruments and a nice group of kids who attend. The group plays for the Children's Discovery Museum and the New Jersey Folk Arts Festival every year. It is a great experience for anyone (child or adult) wanting to try Irish music or who just wants to learn some new tunes. Here are some photos of the last session of 2010...

Dylan accompanying on guitar.

Learning a new tune!

Fiddles waiting for their fiddlers to have a snack.

Haley and Alex fiddling a tune.

Miss Chris and Haley

Next Gen Kids session

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