Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ceili (Dance)

Back in July, when we were attempting to raise money for Haley's trip to the All Ireland, the CCE Delaware Valley branch held a benefit for Haley and two other young musicians. Haley and her friend, Alex, were unable to attend because we were on our way to Swannanoa Gathering so the group asked them to come to their ceili on Saturday night and provide entertainment prior to the dancing. The kids met just before the ceili and put together a short program. Alex played his slow air (his competition in Ireland was slow airs) and another jig set with Dylan accompanying. Then Haley played a couple reel sets with Dylan accompanying and Alex came out to dance a reel during one of them. Then all three kids played a couple reel sets together. They all did a great job!

 After their program, Dylan and Alex went into a room to play pool while Haley joined the adults in some dancing. (She loves to dance!) She danced with Cass Tinney for the Gay Gordons. But she was especially glad her friend, Tommy (Cass's grandson), was there. The two of them dance together every time we attend a ceili in the city. They danced the Haymaker's Jig then waltzed together giggling the entire time. They were bumped into and bounced around by the adult couples like a couple of pinballs because the floor was so crowded. They eventually gave up and ran to the other room to play pool with the other boys.

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