Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Almost perfect handstand...

A couple months ago, I signed Haley up for classes at The Little Gym. Her friend from the boy's wrestling practice goes there, it fit into our schedule, and Suzuki group class was not going to work this year (no one playing at Haley's level) so I thought it would give her a chance to be around other little girls.
She loves it! The classes are fun with lots of obstacle courses and a little gymnastic skill learning in a completely relaxed environment. She gets to pal around with her friend, Taylor, which is an added bonus.
Nearly every night, well when she is not playing violin, she practices handstands and cartwheels. When she first started a couple months ago, she had a cartwheel that looked like a little monkey with bent legs going to the sides of her body but now she gets both legs straight up over her head and lands on her feet. Her initial attempts at a handstand looked like mule kicks but look at this beauty (one set of toes is even trying to point) and she can hold this for about 5 seconds!
It is neat to see her knowledge of the need for practice transferring from violin to other aspects of her life!

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