Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The problem with having a good wrestling season is that when you are beating kids you weren't supposed to beat, other kids and their coaches begin avoiding you. The boy Newt tech falled from one team moved to the next lower weight class the next time they wrestled that team. Another boy attempted to avoid him by wrestling in the next weight class up but Newt's coach knew that might happen so was able to bump Newt up to wrestle the boy who he defeated 7-4.

On Monday, Newt had a match and the team's 119lb wrestler just forfeited to him rather than go on the mat. I don't understand that way of thinking at all. The team loses 6 points if they forfeit, the same number of team points they'd lose if the wrestler lost by pin so it really makes no sense to forfeit if the wrestler is not going to wrestle later that night (meaning the 119lb wrestler did not move up to win at the next weight class...he just didn't wrestle that night).

I believe any wrestler can be never know when you might catch someone in a pinning move or a wrestler could just have a different style of wrestling that you find difficult to defend against. Even if you believe you will lose, you are still getting practice by attempting.

I live with a kid who isn't cutting weight (he was certified to go 112lb but we won't allow him to cut) actually eating a ton of food to keep his weight up, is moving up to wrestle the tough wrestlers, and keeps wrestling even when losing a match. I have a difficult time understanding the "I can't win, so I won't even try mentality."

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