Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Crew and cast waiting for the event to begin...
 Back in July, the kids played at Cold Spring Village for their Celtic Festival and Mr. Noble from the Irish American Cultural Society of South Jersey heard them play then asked them to perform for one of the group's meetings.

Last night was the event. It was advertised as "The Main Event" in Happenings at the Jersey Shore in The Press of Atlantic City. They drew a large crowd. Mr. Noble said it was the most well-attended event they have hosted yet. There was some concern over whether or not they would be able to fit everyone since the venue was only able to have 100 chairs. Every chair was filled and I think there might have been a couple late-comers standing.

The kids did a great job! They played for an hour and kept the energy going the entire time.

It was difficult for me to get a good photo because I was sitting to the side working the sound equipment.

Waiting to play...
Haley was her usual "I love to be on stage" self providing funny little quips and stories to go along with the tunes.

Newt sang "Galway Girl" and played his beat box and bodhran until his fingers bled.

Dylan did a great job on his guitar solo. Not everyone realizes that most of the arrangement of the tunes is Dylan's work. He has an ear for that sort of thing. Together he and Haley come up with some interesting ideas.

They received a standing ovation at the end and were asked to come back next year. They even sold a pile of CDs. I'd say it was a successful

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