Monday, January 24, 2011


This year, Haley is in two different orchestras. The first concert, Temple Prep, was back in the beginning of December and the other orchestra's (PRYSM) concert was on Saturday. PRYSM is one of the feeder orchestras for PYO (Philadelphia Youth Orchestra) and PRYSM and PRYSM Young Artists (the beginning orchestra in the PYO family) performed in the same concert. PRYSM-YA went first, then both orchestras combined for one piece, then PRYSM finished up the concert.

Haley with her friends before the concert

Waiting for everyone to get seated

Combined orchestra performing

Full combined orchestra
 Both orchestras were wonderful. I am not a musician so I find it fascinating to hear the young people playing together at such a high level. Amazing!

It was a very long day. Call time was 11:30am so all the orchestras could rehearse. The concert was at 2pm. The pieces chosen were perfect.

I took photos during the combined orchestra rehearsal because Haley had an outside seat for that and during the rehearsal they asked that we don't take flash photos so I couldn't take any during the PRYSM alone rehearsal. The PRYSM violinists were each paired with a PRYSM-YA violinist. Haley was happy to have her friend from Next Generation, Katie, as her stand partner for that piece. I was able to get some wonderful video of Haley during the concert.

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