Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First lesson with summer substitute...

Yesterday, Haley had her first lesson with Lori who will teach her while her regular teacher is in Colorado for the summer. Haley was tired after her week at the Institute and really wiggly but she did well in her lesson. As we were walking out to put away her fiddle she started playing a couple of her "experimental pieces" and Lori seemed surprised and asked if she had figured them out on her own. When I said she had, Lori replied that I had a future violinist on my hands and told me that she plays very well for her age.

While we were at the Institute, Haley started to play one of her fiddling songs before group class and one of the mothers said her 8yo knew that song because her teacher also taught fiddling once a month to a group class. She wanted Haley and her daughter to play the song together but Haley played too fast for her daughter, who was just learning the song, so it didn't work out very well. It got me thinking that maybe Haley would like to learn more fiddling from someone who could teach her the techniques to go with the music. So, today I did a search for Irish fiddling lessons. I did come up with a name and am waiting to hear back from her. I would like to find someone to teach her once a month or so to supplement what she is getting with her Suzuki lessons.

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