Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Ramblings...

We had a half busy/half not kind of weekend.

The string orchestra Haley has done on Friday evenings for the past three years started up again three weeks ago. They received a huge pile of music the 1st week, had seating auditions last week using one of the most difficult passages in the music, and this week received the results.

Haley is thrilled to be named concertmaster for this year! One of her best orchestra friends is her stand partner and she loves the music they have chosen this semester. She is glad to have stayed with this orchestra to get the experience of being concertmaster, rather than auditioning to move up to the next level the next level rehearses on the weekends and she didn't want to miss her Irish activities.

Saturday, we drove with Haley's friends, Emily and Livia, to the Bethlehem Celtic Festival. Haley and Dylan were asked to perform as "guests" during the fiddle competition. Dylan was in high demand as an accompanist for other fiddlers we know who were competing. He accompanied Livia and their friend, Alex (who place 1st in his age division 14-18 years old).

Here are a few videos from the event taken by Alanna's dad, Dennis....

I am going to have to link them because they aren't mine.

Haley and Dylan introduction and set of reels.

Haley and Dylan slipjig and reels.

Dylan accompanying Alex.

After the competition we all (fifteen of us) had a late lunch at Bethlehem Brew Works. The kids sat at one large table and we adults sat at another. What a great group of people! The adults were musing at the group of kids ranging in age from Livia, at 9 years old, to Alanna, 17 years old, all enjoying each other's company and having the music as a common interest to bring them together.

Sunday was our "day of rest." Haley wasn't feeling too well so we were unable to go to an event at the Irish Center we had planned on attending. Instead, she rested, crafted, and practiced. Dylan had a friend over for a little while then worked on his leaf project for school. Newt practiced shooting his bow and went for a run with a few guys from his wrestling team. I cleaned, cooked, and caught up on a few things. Every once in awhile I really enjoy the down days especially when they are unexpected.

Haley wanted me to share her project from yesterday. She decorated her binder and it looks great!

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