Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Patrick's Day...

Ha! All their faces look suspicious of that flash!

The kids had a busy St. Patrick's Day evening and even had to turn down a couple gigs because they were already booked.

They started the evening right after the boys got home from school. We went over to a local restaurant owned by Newt's orthodontist, set up the sound equipment and they played a short set for the few people already eating. One couple said they'd seen the kids perform on Sunday and came especially to hear them again.

We left the sound equipment and drove to the next town over for them to play for a group of elderly (and some not so elderly) people who meet in the basement of a church for a covered dish dinner and fun together. My husband's and my high school Spanish teacher was there. We really enjoyed seeing her and getting caught up on the years. She was one of our favorite teachers. We enjoyed dinner with the group then the kids played a set for them.

Then it was back to the restaurant for another short set. The bar area was completely full by this time and loud. They did stop and listen a bit and when they finished, the kids met the owner's girls. Haley and his 8yo daughter immediately made friends and went off to the kitchen area to make their own pizzas. We took Haley's pizza home and shared it for an evening snack before bed. Yum!

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