Thursday, March 24, 2011

PT Mom

A few people have asked me what the "PT" means in my blog name. A couple asked if it meant "part-time." LOL Not quite sure how one can be a part-time mom unless you are a stepmother or something. Anyway, that is not it.

The PT means physical therapist. I work once a week as a physical therapist for developmentally delayed kids 0-3 years old. I love my job, though I miss doing the homeschooling on that day. I meet many interesting families and love the kids I see. I get to set my own schedule, make a bit of money, and help families. I love watching the kids I see develop their skills. It never ceases to amaze me when a little one takes their first steps.  Whether they are 9 months or 33 months old...I still cry in happiness right along with their parents.

My job also has it's share of in sad situations or with heart-breaking diagnoses. I always remind myself that I am there helping the family deal with whatever they are going through and it makes those times more bearable.

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