Friday, December 10, 2010


I always feel strange saying my kids are playing a "gig." Lately they've had quite a few paid performances and are loving them. They've played a house party, a Christmas Candlelight Tour, and had their own show in a coffeehouse setting.

Jim, from the Down Jersey radio show, who plays sets from the kids' CD on his show, encouraged the coffeehouse people to hire them after he'd played at that venue because they have a wonderful, appreciative audience in a large living room type setting. I was a little worried at first because they were to play for 2 hours but once I factored in a 15-20 min. break and all the talking between tune sets introducing them, it didn't end up being too much music and Haley and Dylan played their last set just as energetically as the first. They were asked to come back in 2011.

Haley is a natural in front of an audience, not just with her playing. She introduces the tunes adding in her own little quips and jokes. She's quick on her feet so has a comeback whenever anyone tries to trip her up. She had the audience laughing throughout the evening. Dylan doesn't like talking in front of people as much as Haley but his comfort level playing is improving every performance. As someone who hates to be in front of a group of people, they amaze me!

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