Monday, December 13, 2010

Con Murphys

Paraic Keane asked Haley and Dylan to join him for a few tunes at a gig he was playing at Con Murphys Pub in Philly on Black Friday but Haley had orchestra rehearsal and couldn't miss so when we saw him at the Fergies Pub session last weekend, he asked them to join him this weekend.

We went over after Next Gen. Paraic and Sean played some sets, there were some songs, then Haley and Dylan joined them for some sets. While Paraic and Sean took a break, the kids played some tunes together. They had a lot of fun,

A few tunes...

Haley fiddlin'


Haley and Dyl jammin'

Boys and their toys!

Dylan and Sean talked guitars and Sean let Dylan try his bouzouki (I have no idea how to spell that). Guess what instrument Dylan wants now?? Hmmmm. Haley and Paraic joked around all night. She's so quick. We were talking about not being able to understand people with Irish accents and Paraic said, in his Irish accent, "Yeah, but Haley, you understand me perfectly, right?"

She looked at him confused and said, "Huh?" Then started giggling! So funny!

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