Friday, April 30, 2010

New Session....

Tuesday night we finally made it to the session at The Shanachie. Fintan, a wonderful banjo player who we've seen at various sessions around the area, has been asking me to bring the kids over to the session there. The problem has always been that it is on Tuesday nights and until recently I had to take Newt to wrestling practice on Tuesday nights. We've done some rearranging of his wrestling schedule to fit in his weight lifting which left us with on open Tuesday night. So, we made the hour drive and went to play. It was a very nice session with many different types of instruments. There were some people we knew from other sessions and some new people as well. One man invited us to play at another session he attends on Sunday afternoons so we may try that one as well. Just as we were getting ready to go, Chris, one of the leaders of Next Gen stopped in so Haley wanted to play a few tunes with her. She hasn't made it to Next Gen very often this year due to other engagements.The kids kept Grammy and I out very late and they had a great time!

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