Monday, February 04, 2008

I love ideas that work...

Two weeks ago, Haley's Suzuki teacher brooched the subject of changing to a "big girl" bow hold. We tried it a couple times but she had difficulty with keeping her pinky on the bow and with the upcoming concerts I didn't want to change anything that major.

Last Monday G. said "today" was the day to change that bow hold for good. She is ready for her Book 1 concert and needs to play it with a "Big Girl" bow hold. Haley worked all week to perfect that bow hold. She did really well on the Book 1 beginning songs that don't require concentration but still on the faster or more complicated songs, her pinky slipped off and the other fingers rode up.

Today, her lesson was rescheduled so we had an extra day of practice. I remembered how a tiny piece of sticky rubber had worked when she first started playing to help her "feel" where her left thumb should be. Once it had become habit, we just stopped replacing the sticky rubber piece when it fell off.

So, I had a brainstorm and put a tiny piece of moleskin on her frog so she could "feel" where her ring finger should stay (I noticed that as long as that finger was in the correct spot, her pinky was curved and on the bow). Well, it worked. She played all the songs in Book 1 and maintained her bow hold complete with curved pinky.


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