Monday, February 18, 2008

Days with no where to go...

As you can probably tell from the title of this blog, days with nothing to do are the exception rather than the rule in our houses. Today, which is a Monday, usually would consist of Haley and I going for a playdate at 9am, followed by fiddle at 11am, going back to my friend's for lunch, then violin at 2pm, a ride home and quick dinner, then taekwondo at 6pm. A strange coincidence of both violin and fiddle teacher being out of town and the holiday causing taekwondo cancellation left us with surprisingly no where to go.

We took the chance to catch up a bit on history and science that had fallen a week behind, clean and straighten the basement, do a little extra reading, and practice violin/fiddle a little longer than usual. Haley is putting the finishing touches on her Book 1 songs. She is playing Gossec Gavotte and Happy Farmer for the Friday @ 4 concert at the retirement home this week and has her Book 1 concert soon. She is having a lot of fun adding ornaments and fancy fingerings to her fiddle tunes and has been working on a relaxed wrist on her bow side.

Yesterday, I purchased a laptop and this afternoon Haley and I emailed back and forth to each other. Her first question was when she gets to go back to violin and fiddle...she really only missed a lesson today so I thought it was cute that she misses it already.

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