Saturday, January 05, 2008


Since my oldest turned 12 years old a little more than a month ago, a miserable, pessimistic, preteen has snatched the body of the boy who once was my son. I don't know what became of the child who once was my sweet little boy but would gladly get him back if I could. Until now, I often heard of this happening but never would have thought it would happen to my child.

Is it hormones? An incredible need to find his own place in this world without as much parental interference? Whatever?

I am exaggerating a bit. He is not as bad as many preteens I have seen but he has changed in some almost indefinable way. He needs more alone time. He now rolls his eyes or pretends not to hear when asked for help. He is harder to break into a smile. I know it is normal for kids to change when puberty begins to approach. I feel like I am almost mourning for the child he once was while still looking forward to the teenager he is becoming. What a strange age this is.

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