Thursday, January 03, 2008

My amazing kids...

Yesterday, I took the kids out for the day. I had to see a couple clients in the morning while they did their schoolwork either in the car or at a client's kitchen table. Afterward we went to Best Buy then Target so they could spend their Christmas giftcards. They each had a pile of giftcards and money saved up but I had put off shopping until the holidays were over so the stores wouldn't be crowded. At Best Buy, Dylan was being very secretive and asked if he could check-out by himself so Haley and I went out to the car while the boys checked themselves out. He was all smiles as he got into the car and proudly handed his little sister a "Highschool Musical" game she wanted for her Nintendo DS and told her "Merry Christmas." I couldn't help but tear up at his generosity. (It also reminded me that I should have taken him shopping prior to Christmas.) At Target he insisted on buying something for his brother as well, a Rubix cube game he wanted. My son is the most amazingly generous child! I am so proud of him.

At Haley's violin lesson, her teacher asked her what she would like to be when she grew up and she said "a doctor." (In bed last night she informed me that after talking to her teacher at lessons, she thinks she might want to be a musician instead. I told her she didn't have to decide right now anyone so keep her options open.) Anway, she then told her teacher about doctors at St.Jude's Children's Hospital who help sick children learn to ride bikes and try to make them well. Miss Gerry asked if St. Jude's was a family project and I had to admit that I had no idea where Haley had heard it. She informed up both that she saw a commercial about it on Noggin and thought she might like to play her violin for sick children to help them feel happy.

Miss Gerry said that she would help Haley with a concert or a benefit if she wanted (she didn't realize how far away St. Jude's is). At home I sent an email to Children's Hospital of Phila. but in a reply today, they said they don't allow children under 16 to volunteer due to infection control issues. A benefit may still be possible though I will have to check with Miss Gerry to see how we would go about organizing one.

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