Sunday, July 01, 2007

I want math is too easy!

Tonight I did a major overhaul of the whole house...cleaned the basement and schoolroom/playroom plus the kids rooms to get more organized. Man, does it feel good!
So, I was just answering my emails and renewing car registrations on the internet and Haley comes up to me and says, "My math is too easy. I want to do Algebra." I tried to tell her that she needs to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide first before she can do Algebra.

Her response, "I can do all that."

"No, you can add and subtract but you don't know how to multiply or divide yet."

"Yes, I do," she says.

"Okay...(thinking I would put an end to this conversation and just order her Saxon 2)...what's 3 times 3?"

She spins in circles for a few seconds then answers, "Nine."

Daddy who had been listening from the kitchen asks her a few more and she spins in circles and comes up with the right answer.

I was going to order Saxon 2 workbook but now I think I have to just skim through it so it might be a waste. How do I teach math to a kid who already knows it? Okay, now she has a calculator and is checking her answers.

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