Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fiddle Fun...

On Sunday night we attended a concert given by the Kane Sisters, two sisters from Ireland. The concert was at Haley's fiddle teacher's home, up close and personal. Haley was again the youngest child (the next youngest was a 9yo little girl). Haley sat right in the middle front row and clapped along to all the songs, often leaning forward on the edge of her chair so she could stomp her feet as well. She was so intent on watching the girls play and was sitting so close she could have touched them. She also had excellant rhythm and kept the clapping up perfectly even when her hands started itching from all the clapping and every other beat she had to scratch them.

After the last song, when everyone continued to give the girls a standing ovation, they came back out and played a song saying it was a song just for Haley who has been studying fiddle for the last 2 years and who had been their rhythem section for the entire concert. Haley thought that was really cool. We bought her a CD and she got their autographs after the show. It was really upbeat and fun music.

Yesterday Haley had fiddle lesson #2 and she learned another song plus her teacher put a 5th song on her tape "for her to listen to but not play." (Yeah right! That lasted until this morning when she began playing the first part of the song on the second playing of the tape and I stopped her from playing the other part because we had to go to the movies- we saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today.)

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