Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Sponge...

Yesterday Haley informed me that she no longer wanted to do "baby math." Her Singpore math has colorful cartoon pictures and that is the problem. Luckily I have Saxon 1 left over from her brothers so I started her on lesson 37 and let her go to it. She was much happier with the more "grownup" look of the program but still kept telling me how easy it was for her.

This child is exhausting! Once she decides on something, she does it whether it is reading, playing music, riding her bike, or math. All I can do is provide what she asks for and let her soak it all up. She will practice and practice to perfect something and the look of joy that crosses her face when she has mastered her goal just tells me that she finds all the hard work well worth it. I am simply along for the ride.

On Sunday, when she was showing her Poppop how she can ride her bike, he said, "Well, what are you going to learn to do next?" Without missing a beat, she replied, "Pop a wheelie!"

Last night we went to the library. I think my sponge has more fun there than a toy store. I have to limit the number of books she can take out and she begs the entire time to take more (not like she does not have shelves and shelves of her own books but she's read most if not all of those). Last night she chose three children's story books, a book on Ancient China, a book on Saints (?), two on Ancient Greece, a book about the rodeo. and a book of children's plays. She will be very well read by the time she is, like, six.

"I'm ready to do my hard math, Mommy!" I am being summoned.

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