Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What a Day!

So, today the kids and I drive into Philly (not my favorite activity) to meet with a violin maker because Haley is outgrowing her violin. Her violin is a 1/16th size (supposedly, but it was not bought from this maker) and the next size is a 1/10th size. We get there with no problems, I find parking, and the man gives us two 1/10th violins to take to her teacher to try. I try to find my way back to NJ but somehow end up going the opposite way I came but after a few minutes of internal panic my good sense gets us to the other bridge to NJ. (Not the bridge we went over on the way there but okay, we are headed back to NJ.)

We go out to lunch then to violin lessons. The 1/10th violins are way, way too big. The violin teacher and I talk to the violin maker and he asks if I can bring Haley's violin to him so he can see the difference between it and the 1/16th violins he has. So after lessons, back to Philly we go. I find a quicker way to the parking garage and there is no traffic. We exchange the 1/10th violins for two 1/16th violin because Haley's is very small compared to them. Then I find my way back home across the bridge I went to Philly on--a very big accomplishment for me. And thankfully, there is no traffic on the way home, even though it is 4:30 which usually is about the time rush hour starts.

Now after an entire day in the car or walking around the city, I am off to wrestling practice with Newt and I get an hour and a half to read a new book I just received. My own peace and quiet time!

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