Monday, March 03, 2014

Weekend Ramblings....the beginning of March Madness!

After spending all day Saturday watching wrestling, Haley and I jumped in the car immediately following Newt's finals match to drive across the state for The Chieftains concert. We haven't seen them for a couple years because they were in the area on one of my work days last year. They put on an awesome show with a variety of local talent as well as their own amazing band members.

Saturday night a drum and pipe corp from Philly as well as the local high school choir joined them on stage for a number as well as the grand finale. Haley and her best bud, Paraic, also joined them for the "round robin" grand finale where they play a link tune and in between each person on stage performs a solo. Haley also helped dance the An Droh encore which she thought was great fun!

Not the best pic of Haley on stage.
Haley had a morning Skype fiddle lesson then spent the rest of the morning practicing because this week is her orchestra's Practice Marathon....a fundraiser for the orchestra that also serves to promote extra practicing (a rather smart idea).

On Sunday afternoon, Haley and Dylan performed at a local concert to benefit an area church. The kids opened the show with some jigs, reels, and a song to get the crowd warmed was freezing in the room. The rest of the show featured a group of talented local musicians performing session style with a variety of tunes from different Celtic traditions and songs. Their singer has such a sweet voice!

                                At the end of the concert, they did a couple tunes all together.

Today we are getting more snow and looking forward to a day snowed in before another busy weekend of wrestling and music!

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