Thursday, November 21, 2013

Biology 101....

Monday morning was another dissection day.

The critter on the tray was crawfish. Because the science supply company sent 3 crawfish, the boys each had their own critters and the girls worked together on a bigger one. The kids had much more fun doing the crawfish. The parts were bigger than on the worm, clam, and starfish so easier to see.

Even Katherine is warming up to dissection and did more than observe today.

The kids did some drawings of the outside and inside parts. They identified all the parts discussed in the book.

When they finished their dissection, they took some samples of different parts and made slides to observe under the microscope. They looked at a gill which was the coolest slide, a sample of the digestive gland, and a sample of muscle tissue. They attempted to make a slide of the eye but it was too dark and thick to allow the light of the microscope to come through.

They are looking forward to their next critter!

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