Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sightseeing in Philly...

We had a special day Monday. Haley's friend, Sofia, and her mother drove down from CT on Sunday. They spent the night and Monday we took them to Philadelphia to see the sights and attend a concert. Our first stop was the Liberty Bell which was much smaller than they had imagined it to be.

We walked all over our favorite spots in Olde City. We showed them the foundation of a house in 1776. Haley loves it because it is so small and says on the plaque that the first floor was generally the person's workplace and they lived in the 2nd floor and attic. It amazes her that they needed so much less living space than we, Americans feel we need today. The girls are pictured below with Sofia sitting on the house foundation. In front of her is the kitchen garden in the "backyard" with Haley at the gate. You can't see it but to the right of Sofia is a well pump.

Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson dedicated this garden to the soldiers who died defending out liberty. It is an 18th century style garden. The tulips were in full bloom and were very beautiful and fragrant.

The Betsy Ross House

Ben Franklin's Grave

The concert we attended was an All Mozart Concert by the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra with Roberto Diaz and his wife, Elissa Lee Koljonen, performing Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante. Haley loved the piece, especially the last movement (Presto). During the intermission we were able to go backstage to meet the soloists.

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