Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fleadh 2011

Meet the 3X MidAtlantic Regional Fleadh under 12 solo fiddle champion! Haley placed 1st for the 3rd year in a row. She gets to return this huge trophy to its spot on her shelf for another year. Her name will be the only one on it for the third time and she still has 3 more years in this age group.

She performed beautifully. Her teacher said, "Perfect!" She definitely blossoms under pressure.
 Here is her brother, Dylan, who placed 2nd in his first ever Fleadh in the under 15 Accompaniment competition. He plays guitar but was the only guitarist competing against mostly pianists and a couple harpers.

Both kids qualified for the All Ireland so we get to travel back to Cavan, Ireland for the Fleadh in August!

Haley played for Dylan in his competition and together they are magic. One of the judge's comments, besides the glowing comments about maturity of chord use, chord progressions, and rhythm, was his ability to get along with his fiddler. (He should come to our house and see how "well" they get along. LOL)

Haley was asked to play on the festival stage later in the afternoon before the presentation of trophies. As soon as Dylan came down from the hotel room, she called him up, introduced him to the crowd, and they played a couple sets together.

For the past few years, the competition has been held in a school with competitors staying in various area hotels. This year, the festival was held in a hotel which was much better and more festive. There were sessions and ceilis (dances). The kids swam together and played music well into the nights. It was wonderful to see all these kids who compete or have competed against each other making friends, playing music, and hanging out. Even if my kids didn't place, it would have been a great musical weekend.

Haley and Dylan on stage.
Playing session style with friends.

Friday night kids' session

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