Monday, November 08, 2010

All Heart...

 In our study of the human body, we have taken a detour from PLATO science to do some detailed study of the different systems of the body. Some of the supplement materials we are using include a Gray's Anatomy coloring book, The Human Body for Every Kid by Janice VanCleave, David Macauley's The Way We Work, and The Body Book by Donald Silver and Patricia Wynne. We are really enjoying The Body Book which was suggested to us by our homeschooling friend Marda. It contains hands-on models that are easy and fun to make.

We have worked our way through the respiratory system then last week began the circulatory system. A couple years ago the boys and I had fun dissecting a cow heart which was not much different from a human heart and very large so easy to see.
This year we were able to obtain a cow's heart from our friendly neighborhood butcher shop. The guys were a bit amused by our request but they got us one and called when it was ready. Today Haley and I had a good time dissecting the heart and identifying the main parts. Haley was excited to find a small clot on the cow's equivalent of our tricuspid valve. We attempted to make microscope slides of the blood and tissue but since we couldn't locate our good slide making kit (thanks to our move...probably still in a box somewhere), we weren't very successful. I will be looking for that kit and the good microscope as soon as I get a minute to go through the unopened boxes still in the basement and we will try to make slides of my blood instead.

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