Saturday, June 05, 2010

Orchestra and Convention...

Last week Haley, Grammy, Poppop and I drove to Minneapolis, MN so Haley could attend the SAA Biannual Convention and participate in the SYOA Orchestra 1. The orchestras were chosen from kids who had submitted audition DVDs back in October.The orchestra dd was a member of was composed of about forty 7-10yos mostly from all over the US but there was a child from Argentina as well. All the kids were musical kids and it was a wonderful opportunity for dd to play in anorchestra of kids close to her own size who all loved music like she does...musical peers rather than her being the "star."
She had been sent the music back in February and were expected to know it. The kids rehearsed on Thursday evening, most of the day Friday and Saturday, then again Sunday morning before a dress rehearsal and concert Sunday afternoon. The rehearsals were long and rather intense. I am not musical so it amazed me to see these kids from all over come together and in a few days perform as an orchestra. (Similar to a Suzuki institute orchestra but at a much higher level than any week long orchestra dd has participated in.)

During rehearsals I was able to talk with other parents and was delighted to meet parents from all over dealing with similar issues related to having musical kids. During breaks and in the evenings dd had a blast making new friends and playing with a couple "old" friends who she doesn't get to play with often. Itwas fascinating to watch them. While rehearsing, they behaved like"professional" musicians but once the instruments were safely in their cases, they transformed back into little kids playing, talking, and running around the room.

It took a little detective work and some help from a friend but we also had the fun of finding a couple Irish sessions in Minneapolis for Haley to join so she made a number of new adult friends as well. She had a wonderful week and misses her friends already especially Sofia.

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