Monday, January 04, 2010

Great Day...

I sort of resolved, but didn't really make a resolution because I don't believe in them, to try and blog more often. We had such a great day of homeschooling that I feel the need to describe it for posterity. LOL

I woke up at 7am to pack Newt's lunch and see him off to school. Then I returned to bed to snuggle Haley for a few minutes before getting her and Dylan up and moving. Dylan made them omelets and they ate while I showered.

Haley and Dylan then began working on schoolwork. They quickly worked through Wordly Wise, Reading Detective (Haley finished up her book today), and math with a little input here and there from me. I gave them their spelling lists then practiced violin with Haley. She worked through her review in the music/school room along with her new Dr. Beat metronome while I got dinner ready for the oven. Then I helped her practice her music reading and current pieces while Dylan practiced guitar and showed me the new song he has written. The kids then watched their SWI lesson (writing lesson) on DVD and outlined their story to be written tomorrow.

We ate a nice lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup then read through The Song of Roland for history discussing epics, epic heroes, and the different qualities epic heroes might be given in different societies. Just as we finished up, our guests arrived. The kids had a playdate with homeschooling friends for a couple hours while I had a nice visit with their mom. When their friends left, they each sat for their daily reading. Haley began Anne of Green Gables. She read the first chapter then she and I picked out 10 vocabulary words and I showed her how to use the dictionary which she did surprisingly well for the first attempt. We also looked up maps of Prince Edwards Island though we couldn't find Avonlea on any of them. Dylan finished up the book he'd been working on.

I finished up dinner while Dylan continued to read and Haley drew pictures. After dinner, I took Newt to wrestling. Haley practiced fiddle on her own using her videos of her teacher, Brian Conway. Dylan found a recipe and baked a delicious cake that we all just finished enjoying.

It was just one of those perfect kind of days!

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