Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas...

Between moving, running the kids, and Christmas quickly approaching, life has been a bit full lately. Thanks to a huge snowstorm, however, everything has come to a complete standstill and we have had some time to enjoy the holidays. Couldn't go anywhere this weekend, so we were able to help Grammy bake cookies. School was cancelled two days this week already so we have gotten a lot of practice and homeschooling done.

The kids have had a number of performing opportunities this month. It has been really neat to see Haley and Dylan practice together and arrange their music together. They are playing so much better than last year. The improvement is dramatic. Dylan is more confident and playing a wider variety of chords. He is more creative in how he accompanies Haley. Haley has made dramatic improvements in her playing both classical and fiddle.
We found out a couple days age that Haley was selected for the Suzuki Youth Orchestra of the Americas in Minneapolis in May 2010. We had sent in an audition tape back in October. The tape was a little funny because she had played through the song, Vivaldi's Concerto in A Minor 3rd Mvmt, 4-5 times trying to play it at the slower tempo her teacher had suggested. Afterward, her teacher suggested that she play it through once at whatever tempo she chose. In the beginning of the tape, she is giggling from sheer joy at being "let loose." Then she plays the song so musically but she made a tiny error once then quickly recovered (shifted when she shouldn't have). Her teacher recommended sending in that recording which we did. I was a little worried that the mistake would keep her from being selected but it didn't.
So, Christmas is almost here. We are in our new home. We have three beautiful, talented kids. We have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas.

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