Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We are now coming to a close on what would be a regular school-year for most. We school year round so we don't have definite breaks and most of our coursework simply keeps going but we will be starting our next rotations for history and science within the next month...taking some time for vacation (during which we are doing an American Indian unit study, nature and regular journalling, and Primary Challenge Math for the younger two just to keep from taking so many books on vacation since we have to pack light).

Anyway, here are our curriculum choices for the next "school year."

1. Math

Newt- Algebra II using Saxon Aglebra II, Teaching Company DVDs for high school Algebra II, and Thinkwell College Algebra online (we are working up to doing an actual college course next year).

Dylan- starting Saxon 87 in 2 weeks (Algebra is on the horizon for him in another 10 months or so)

Haley- finishing up the last half of Saxon 3

2. Language Arts

Newt- Lightning Literature 8th grade (has been working on it for last 3-4 months so will continue), Spelling Power, and vocabulary program

Dylan- Readings of interest...undecided on an actual lit. program, Writing Power, Spelling Power, and will begin a vocabulary program (possibly Wordly Wise).

Haley- Reading whatever interests her, Spelling Power, Writing Power, possibly Wordly Wise once I decide on a level

3. History

Boys (Renaissance to about 1800)- Renaissance History Portfolio, World History: The Human Odyssey, World Literature, and various workbooks and activity guides

Haley (Ancient Times)- History Portfolio, Story of the World 1 and Activity Book, Mythology and other readings of the times, World Literature, Usbourne, Kingfisher, and various workbooks and activity books

4. Science (Chemistry)- each child's use of these materials will depend on their level...

How to Teach Science to Your Child, The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe, Conceptual Chemistry by Suchocki plus Lab Manual, A Guide to the Elements by Stwertka, and various experiments

5. Languages- Rosetta Stone Spanish and may do some work in Latin but undecided.

6. Music- continue lessons and practice of various instruments. Listen to music appreciation CDs and read biographies of various composers.

7. Art- Cave Paintings to Picasso by Sayre, The Usbourne Book of Art, and Drawing with Children.

I think that may be it for now unless I come up with something else really interesting.

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