Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Phantom of the Opera

I just realized that I neglected to write about our trip to NYC to see Phantom of the Opera. We had a wonderful weekend. Mommy, Daddy, and Haley went to NYC while the boys stayed with Grammy and Poppop to do boy things like shoot and fish.

We drove to Jersey City on Friday afternoon, spent some time shopping at the mall (for nothing really), went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant with excellent food, and then returned to the hotel for a quick swim and early bedtime.

Saturday morning it was an early rise then on to the PATH train for the trip into the city. We had to walk many blocks to the American Girl Place where we had brunch then Haley was able to shop with her giftcard. The brunch was very cute and the food tasty. There was a little seat for her doll and she had her doll's hair fixed as well.

After brunch we walked around for awhile. I had forgotten my comfortable shoes so my feet were killing me in my heels. We stopped at a shoe store and bought some CROCs for Haley and I. Unfortunately the only color they had in my size were bright orange so I spent the rest of the day very comfortable but looking like a duck.

We visited Times Square, the Disney Store, and walked around a sidewalk fair where we bought a t-shirts for the boys. By then it was almost time for the show so we stopped at Bubba Gumps for a quick lunch--this is a really cute restaurant. Haley was so excited waiting in line to enter the musical. We finally got in and she had to potty so I took her. The line was enormous but we finally made it and after washing her hands she was so excited she exclaimed, "Oh, Mommy, I just can't wait to see the Phantom!!!"

Most of the ladies still in line laughed at her cuteness but I heard a miserable old voice say, "She'll probably be scared to death." Now, I understand that taking a 5yo to see Phantom would not be on most parent's lists of things to do but Haley is not most 5 year olds and she was enthralled. She sat intently watching every moment. Occasionally, I heard her quietly singing along. She loved the special effects and was amazed by the experience.

What a great time we had!!!

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