Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Sunday afternoon I took Haley to see the Nutcracker performed locally. It was a very nice production and Haley really loved it because a little boy we had met through friends (to Trick or Treat with) played Fritz, a Toy Soldier, and Tea from China. Next year I am hoping to take her to a larger production in Philadelphia with an orchestra. She will be able to sit still a little longer by then. Haley is becoming very attuned to listening for different instruments in music. She will listen to whatever piece and say, "Hear the violin." or "There's the organ."

Yesterday the kids worked on their gingerbread house. Haley picked out a Grinch Whoobilation cottage. Wouldn't have been my first choice but they are having a great time putting it together. The boys are loving the fact that it was their only "school work" for the day. I love it when they work together and I hear them cooperating and being so sweet to each other.

Today I promised to take the kids to see Eragon at the movie theater. We go only once or twice a year so it is a big treat for them. I cannot stand the thought of spending $30 to see a movie when I can buy it in a few months for $20 but my Mom gave me a giftcard to use since they never go to the movies so it will not be as painful. Newt encouraged me to read the book before we saw the movie so I did and I am also over halfway through the second book in the series. I can see why it is his favorite.

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